We'll be at the Ride London Festival on both Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July.

Collection Point: Queensway Tube Station

Your Tour of London by eBike

Welcome to Electric Bike Hire in London

It's getting hotter but don't sweat it...don't be like this guy.

Welcome to London

Premium service for the Cycle Tourist

If you're visiting London and wish to make the most of your time here then get on a bicycle. There are now three major bicycle hire schemes available from as little as 0.50 GBP.  Yes only 50 pence.!

Good luck with that.  We can't help you.

Here's the deal

We supply a elctric bicycle hire package for short pleasurely rides around the Royal London Parks.

We are all about the adventure.

We Love to see the smiles.

We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of cycling AND to get people back on two wheels....without all the effort of cycling too hard.  Freedom light exercise leisure fun and the rest. 

If you haven't tried an eBike yet you should. London is better by bike.

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Come on.. Jump on. Get Buzzing..!

You deserve it.

Buzz Bike Hire

Collection Point: Queensway tube station, Bayswater Rd, London, England W2 4RH, United KingdomonPoint

0843 8861 886

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Here's Some More

Power to the Pedal

Helps ease the effort needed so that you can ride further with confidence.  Just don't go too far.

Stop. Take a Breather

Self guided tours gives you freedom to discover & create an unique adventure. One to be Treasured.

All Inclusive Hire Package*

Safety Helmets Maps & Security locks provided.  We don't do normal.

Your tour is personal to Us.